Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY Decals WIP 1

I'm in the middle of building the MG 7-sword, and I realized that the decals that came with the kit are a bit lacking. You've probably noticed that I like having lots of decals on my models, and the 7 sword should be no exception. The problem is, I couldn't find any waterslide decals for this model at the local hobby stores, and the last time I ordered from SamuelDecal it took over a month to get here (not samuel's fault BTW - the crappy local mailing system of the Philippines is to blame) So what is an otaku to do? Make his own decals of course!

After reading up on how to make decals (Funaka's Guide) I started by downloading a vector graphics editing software. Inkscape is a free tool with lots of support and info available online.I use it to scale down the decals I designed in Excel. The techno/futuristic fonts I installed were a big help in making the wordings look more professional. I'll also be trying out some pre-rendered vector graphics overlayed with some text.(couldn't find a proper Alice vector graphic so I went with Miku instead...always liked the color of hair..)

Once I fill out this A4 sized sheet i'll be doing some test prints on plain paper first, so I can make the necessary adjustments in size and color. I'm hoping this goes well so I can make my own decals moving forward - effectively reducing subsequent project costs.

Check back again soon to see how my 1st attempt turns out!

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