Saturday, June 23, 2018

Ustar Edge Line Scriber - Review / Demo

Hey plamo nerds! I've been adding a bunch of tools to the shop page lately, but I haven't gotten around to showing the new stuff here on the blog in between the airbrush reviews. Rest assured that we'll go through them one by one, so I can demonstrate what they do and how they can improve your building process. Let's start with this unique tool by Chinese hobby brand Ustar, which they refer to as the "Carved Sword". The name makes absolutely no sense, and I'm inclined to think that Ustar's marketing guys rely on Google translate for getting English translations - so I'm calling it the Edge Line Scriber instead. Strange name aside, it's a clever little tool, and a worthy addition to any custom builder's toolbox. There's a video towards the end for those who prefer moving pictures.

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Here we have the Edge Line Scriber from Ustar, composed of an L-shaped metal bit, held securely in a plastic handle. It's a specialized scriber designed for creating custom panel lines on gunpla or other mecha model kits.

The conventional way of scribing panel lines is with the use of guide tape, as demonstrated in my tutorial here: Scribing with Dymo Tape

This method is effective for creating your own panel lines, but can be inefficient if you are trying to create lines that run parallel to a part's edge - particularly when the edge curves, or has lots of bends and weird angles. The edge line scriber simplifies this type of line scribing through an adjustable scribing tip and guide shaft.

Simply set your desired distance between the scribing tip and the edge of the part, lock it in place, and drag the scriber across while letting the guide shaft follow along the edge of the part. This creates an evenly distanced line along the edge, and since you can use the same setting on the rest of your parts, you can be sure you will have identical panel lines every time. Here's an example:


It's especially useful for curved pieces, where cutting guide tape that match the edge shape precisely can be a challenge. Used in conjunction with scribing templates and guide tape, this is a great way to break up boring panels into smaller segments that you can then mask of and paint in a different color - adding interest to otherwise bland looking parts.

Here's a short video showing this tool in action:

The Edge Line Scriber is a simple yet effective solution to an otherwise tedious task, and for that reason it now occupies a valued slot in my tool rack. If you're in the Philippines and are interested in this unique tool, drop by my facebook shop page to place an order. Your patronage of my shop helps me continue my laborious quest for discovering more game changing tools to bring to the local hobby scene!

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That's all for now, but check back frequently for more tool reviews and demos! Until next time, keep building plamo!

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