Friday, December 5, 2014

Commission Finished - SD Neo Zeong

I finally finished this monster of an SD! This was one of the more challenging builds I've done because of the number of techniques that were employed - seam fixing, shading, reverse wash, panel wash, hand painting and so on - just for a basic paint job.

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The outer armor was done in a custom maroon mix of Mr. Hobby red and a bit of black, shaded with clear smoke, and top coated with a satin finish. All internals were painted in gunmetal.

Some serious masking was done to get some color separation on the rear skirt and for all the white and grey details. A black panel wash was used to accent all panel lines.

As for the SD Sinanju, a brighter red was achieved by laying down a yellow base followed by gloss red. Masking was applied for some gold details, while the zeon trim was done by reverse washing and hand painting. All pipes were hand painted with enamel silver. A gloss coat was applied to the Sinanju for a contrasting finish.

 All in all this was a very fun build despite the mishaps I encountered (I had to strip and repaint two arms due to a blotchy finish). SDs can look great if painted nicely, but you have to put in the time to do proper masking if you want to achieve good color separation. I've got a couple more SD builds going at the moment, so stay tuned for updates.

Until next time, keep building plamo!


  1. nicely done and very very good paint job :3
    uhm can you tell me the ratio of the paints you used in the Neo Zeong?

    1. The Neo Zeong armor was done in about 95% gloss red + 5% gloss black, painted over Mr. Surfacer (grey). It was post shaded with clear smoke. The sinanju red is just gloss red over a base of gloss yellow. Mr. Hobby acrylic paints were used.