Monday, February 18, 2013

Android Relapse

(Warning: Pic Heavy!)

In the midst of our baby preparations, my transition from consultant to permanent employee, and my ongoing gunpla projects - I was reacquainted with one of my previous otaku fixations: Android devices. After a visit with my mom I found myself in possession of a Samsung Galaxy Note, handed down (or up?) to me from my youngest sibling - who recently decided to discontinue paying for the device in favour of a PS Vita. I told him he was nuts for switching to something that does less, but he is more of a hardcore gamer and our priorities are simply not the same. In any case, here I am, with a 2nd-hand android phone and after a few minutes of fooling around with it, I was hooked...again. I'm not sure if I've already mentioned this, but I actually sold my last android device (a Samsung Galaxy Tab) almost a year ago, so that I could split the cost of an airbrush set with my brother-in-law. Out with the old and in with the new, as the saying goes - and it has always been that way for me and my hobbies. Occasionally though, relapses happen.

The galaxy note is in no way a top of the line device - with many newer models sporting quad-core processors available today...but coming from the 1st gen Galaxy Tab, I found my new phone to be quite impressive. With a 1.4gig dual-core processor and 1GB of ram, I now had more than twice the specs of my old device. I do miss the 7-inch screen of the Tab, but the Note's screen is nothing to scoff at either. The 800x1280 pixels crammed onto a 5.3 inch SAMOLED panel look absolutely fantastic. My graphic novels look great and the high DPI make reading speech balloons easy..despite the smaller physical screen I find myself zooming in a lot less than when I did with the Tab. The blog will also benefit from the 8MP camera, now that I can put up half decent shots of my builds online. I've found the S-Pen to be a great tool for drafting up ideas on builds:

It is said that you never truly own something until you break it, and so I did. Less than 2 weeks into owning the phone, I bricked it while attempting to flash some funky new kernel. The stock software is great and all, but I want my phone to be custom, just like my gunpla. I've lost track of how many times i bricked my Tab and then brought it back to life - I've overclocked it to near melting point, and undervolted it till it was gasping for energy - so reviving the Note was no big deal. Sure enough I got it breathing again. After a couple more brick-revive cycles, it is now running properly on custom software, smooth and stable. I've installed all my favourite apps and I've customized my homescreens as I saw fit. I learned my way around android from the great people over at - and they have my thanks.  

To test the camera, I did a photo shoot with my previous builds. Here are some of the shots. You can find the rest in their respective albums in the Shelf section.

 Stay tuned for updates on the 7Sword build!

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