Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hobbiworkz Desk Lamp - Review

Hey there plamo people! I just realized we're already half-way through the week and I haven't shared anything yet... "Bad Otaku!..Bad!" Here's a simple review on the newest addition to my workbench, a proper desk lamp. I finally got my hands on a Hobbiworkz clamp lamp, and I must say it's exactly what my work area needed!

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The lamp arrived disassembled as shown in the cover photo. In the box, you'll find the adjustable arm assembly, the  lamp shade, and the vise clamp. The arm and the shade are metal, the clamp is made of plastic. That said, it feels sturdy enough for the weight of the lamp. There's a short rod on the bottom of the arm that plugs into the clamp. It doesn't screw on or lock in place, but it feels secure.

The lamp shade slots into the ballast and you twist it to lock it in place. The lamp takes a standard screw-in type bulb, but you have to supply your own as it does not come with a bulb. I'm using a regular bulb here but I'm replacing it with a led type soon. The switch is located on the cord itself, which plugs into a standard 2-prong 220v outlet.

When fully stretched out the adjustable arm measured 70cm, and folded in it came up to around 35cm, so it folds in half. I won't have any trouble storing this in the work bench when it's not in use.

The springs provide tension so the lamp can hold it's position. The head tilts and can pivot left and right, and the entire lamp also swings at the base, giving it a full range of motion so you can aim the light exactly where you need it.

I was worried the vise clamp wouldn't hold up to all the movement but it's been pretty solid so far. Adjusting the position of the lamp doesn't take much effort, but it holds a pose well and it doesn't sag. There are some knobs on the joints that could be tightened if needed.

For the price I don't think you can get a better desk lamp than this. The clamp type base means it will also work well on inclined desks like the ones illustrators use. Add a couple of these on each end of your desk and you've got the prefect setup for taking nice photos of your builds, and should provide ample lighting when you're painting or building.

I'm tempted to get a 2nd unit myself, but my work cabinet is pretty well lit already from the inside. You'll have to check with Hobbiworkz if it's available in other colors. It looks nice and professional in gloss white, but I'm tempted to practice some freehand airbrushing on it. Click on the Hobbiworkz banner below if you're interested in ordering the lamp. Stocks are limited, so activate your trans-am and order a set right now!

Until next time, keep building plamo!

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