Monday, September 19, 2016

Superbuilds III

Good day plamo nerds, it's time for a long overdue episode of Superbuilds! Cleanliness is next to godliness, as the old saying goes, and it couldn't be more true for the godlike abilities of the builders we're going to check out today. Their work is so clean even the sharpest and most experienced eyes would be hard pressed to find faults in their finishes. Let's go!

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Daniel Factory

Some of the cleanest builds you will ever find on the web are products of Daniel Factory. This builder eschews the big crazy modifications popular with so many, and focuses on subtle yet effective detail-ups finished in pristine paint jobs, masterful decal application and sharp panel lining. The result is velvety smooth surfaces and vivid colors that even non-plamo fans could appreciate.

Hero (Anaheim Factory)

Another factory that should be among the top bookmarks in your references folder is Hero's Anaheim Factory. This website showcases highly sought after resin kits and souped-up versions of plastic kits finished to near perfection, many of which are up for auction or can be ordered from the site itself. Be prepared though, as the kits cost as much as a kidney...but for work this clean, I imagine some collectors would be willing to part with an organ or two.


Gon2Moke2's collection is a straight builder's wet dream...only they're not completely straight builds. The mods are just so stealthily implemented that you'd think it was all out of the box. His work is so spotless, so seamless, it's as if he wrote the bible on basic model building techniques himself. This my friends, is the very definition of clean.


Now if Gon2Moke2's ultra clean style is just too bland for your tastes, you might be interested in sampling some of Grework's masterpieces. I prefer detailed and decaled myself, and this guy's work is right up my alley. It's almost inexplicable how the builder is able to add so much detail while still maintaining a clean overall look.

Joshua Darrah

Last and most definitely not the least, this showcase of the cleanest builders would not be complete without the guy who won the Australian leg of last year's GBWC with an unpainted kit: Joshua Darrah. Anyone who has ever tried their hand at custom building knows that the most tedious step is cleanup. Josh's mods are so clean and crisp you'd think he uses some sort of laser cutter to open up and reshape armor pieces. I know no one else who can do mods so clean they require no putty or paint to look good afterwards. Good thing his techniques are no secret, and are readily accessible thanks to the step-by-step guides he generously shares online. You can also check out his interview here.

With everyone (myself included) so fixated on creating the next monster masterpiece with eleventeen weapons and colossal attachments, it's refreshing to take a moment and appreciate models that show finesse and restraint in their presentation - reminding us that execution is just as important as imagination.

Until next time, keep building plamo!

(pics borrowed from the blogs/sites shared above)

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