Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tallgeese Boros WIP 3

Greetings fellow otakus! I've been busy working on the Boros and have made significant progress over the past couple of weeks. After making the decision to switch to Garazzo shoulders which extended the arm length, I figured I'd go all the way with proportion mods on this project. Here's what I've done so far!

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I cut the foot frame in half, adjusted the angle of the arch and added some Garazzo bits for heels to increase height. The front section of the foot was also modified so it could "tiptoe", and was augmented with Garazzo's knuckle spikes for Raiden like toe-claws. I think these new shoes complement the tallgeese's sexy legs quite well.

Next up was the waist. I sawed the midsection internal frame in half and glued them back together with some styrene sandwiched in between, effectively extending the torso by about 0.5cm. Some neodymium magnets were employed to reinforce the connection between the chest and waist.

 The extended waist allowed the spine to crouch nicely, but the back armor wasn't letting it straighten out. This was simple enough to fix by making small cuts on the sides of the spine armor and pushing it out so the lower torso armor can slide back under it.

I added some working magnetic hydraulics attached via some screws I drilled into the frame, but I plan on doing more to fill out the gap.

The proportion mods make the kit look leaner overall, and the improved torso articulation means I'll have lots of fun doing dynamic poses when its finished.

Previous WIPs for this project can be found here:


I'm flying out to Silicon Valley on business in a couple of weeks and will be in town for quite some time, so I plan on taking something with me to work on. I just hope airport security doesn't make a fuss about hobby tools in my luggage. I also plan on visiting some hobby shops over there - I hear good things about Tatsu Hobby...would be fun to run into some of the local otakus and talk shop.

Until next time, keep building plamo!


  1. This is looking real good bro! Like how the harass shoulders look with this, the project feels kinda ninja to me!

    1. thanks Steve! Still a long way to go but I can't wait to see it all painted and detailed up