Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Daban Age 1 Normal - Unboxing

Good day Plamo builders! Today I'll be doing a quick unboxing of Daban's latest release - the Age 1 Normal, which I recently received from Gundam Central.

The box is your standard Daban reproduction of the original, with only the logo and name replaced.

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The manual is also similar to Daban's previous releases. No issues here..nicely printed and readable instructions.

All the runners (14 in total) appear to be in good condition...

The kit comes with your standard sticker markings, some foil stickers for the clear green parts, and a small sheet of dry-transfers.

So how does this kit compare to Daban's previous releases? Let's zoom in on some details...

As you can see the molding is slightly glossy. The details are nicely reproduced, and I'm quite impressed with how clean everything is.

There is hardly any flash (excess plastic) at all. Even the tiny vents on the armor pieces came out looking crisp.

The internal frame parts look really good, and they appear to be molded in a stiffer plastic than what was used in older releases. This should make painting the inner frame less troublesome.

The only issues I see at this point are the poorly molded pilot figures, but I never use them anyway. I'll be putting this kit together in a few days, so check back again for a full review of the assembled kit. Can't wait to build one yourself? Visit Gundam Central and order yours today!

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