Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MG Kampfer WIP 6

This is WIP 6 for the MG Kampfer Desolator. You can find previous WIPs here:


Just a quick update, and possibly 2nd to the last WIP for this project. I've finished building and painting the backpack and the weapon, and have started in on the mini-diorama.

The backpack unit is made of the extra clear thighs that came with the kit. The rough patches of paint is due to rainy day painting, and I might redo this part if time permits. The round thrusters on this model are actually an HG Guntank's wheels.They've been painted chrome, then clear red on the inside. I then weathered them using Tamiya's weathering master compacts to give them that burnt metal look. The shoulder thrusters are ballpen tips and the ones on the legs are ointment caps.

The base is made of parts from busted floppy drives hot glued together to form a maintenance bay. I imagine it to be a scene from inside a ship where the Desolator team is preping for a mission.

The mini figs are from a tabletop war game called MageKnight which I used to play with my brothers a few years back. The scale is a bit off- they're 1.5x the height of the pilot that came with the kit - but i think it still works and the kampfer still looks like a giant robot. I'll be sculpting and repainting the little guys to make them match the theme a bit more.

The Kampfer Desolator runs on A.I., and it is getting some last minute tweaks before the mission.

These guys will be reviewing some maps and recon photos on a desk.

This droid will also be tagging along to provide tech support.

Thats all for now. Check back again in a week or two for the completed model and diorama!

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