Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So long spiders...

Before I get into my more recent activities, I'd like to do a short recap of what's been  keeping me busy for the past couple of months. The two remaining spiders have been doing well- both of them moulted early this year and their colors have been refreshed. This Chilean Rose moults about once a year and has grown to approximately 5.5 inches diagonal leg span.

The stocky legs and full round abdomen indicate that this specimen is female, and at her size she should be ready to mate. I would look for a suitable mate for her if I had the time and space for raising hundreds of spiderlings...

and it isn’t exactly as easy as going on Craigslist and posting 
Attractive female tarantula looking for sporty male of the same species. Recent sperm web is a plus!”. 

Regrettably, I have to find a new home for these guys. My limited resources allows for only one hobby at a time.
To the right is my Chaco Golden Knee, which I presume to be male due to the long thin legs and his rate of moulting (about every 3 months). He's rather skittish compared to the Chilean Rose, and prefers to hide in his cave (which i made myself) most of the time. When he's out in the open it's a good indicator that he's hungry. 
I raised this guy from a 2cm spiderling, now he measures about 4 inches with his legs stretched out. I’m sure when he reaches adulthood he’ll be a lot less shy…after all, there’s nothing to be ashamed of when you can grow to 8.5 inches, man and beast alike.  o_O

It's been a great experience caring for these exotic creatures. They could never be affectionate like a dog or a cat, but you always look forward to feeding time when you have a pet tarantula!

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